Roxy: Salt.

A hand covers my mouth stopping me from screaming as the door clicks shut. I feel my heart hammer in my chest, attempting to beat itself out of my rib cage. Tears stream from my face as my limbs begin to cease working.

The person pushes me into my living room, I feel a spell working around my wrists just in case, my powers lick the new power up. It never usually works that quickly. Either my soul knows this person and we have a special connection or less likely, my powers have evolved into taking new powers when in danger.

I blink scared tears from my eyes, trying to see again through this now cloudy world. All I see is a dark figure in front of me, it bends down waving a hand in my face. I try to concentrate on the strange person's face, they move quickly away as if they know what I'm doing.

I hear the person walk to the door, "It's her, ma'am," a deep husky voice says. No walkie-talkie, like what normal humans use, it seems more like a special air communicator.

"Good," a female voice hisses into the room. 

Panic hits me as I cannot move my head, or any other part of my body - except my facial figures, Big help, Rox.

I slide my eyes to the side, only to see a huge green and yellow snake with scarlett lines, slithers into the room. I blink my eyes to try and focus my eyes, Can't be true, it just can't. I stare at the figure, only to find that I was right. 

It's a snake.

The snake slides around to the floor in front of me, forming into a woman. She has dramatic curves making her an hour glass, thick ropes of hair which are the a cross between brown and scarlett, her skin has a tinge of yellow and her eyes are emerald green.

Her lips spreads into a large smile across her delicate face as she speaks. Her words sends shockwaves through my system, my dimond eyes - which come from my grandmother - roll back into my head, as I fall into the soft cusions of the settee. 

The End

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