Scarlett:Bad timing

Damn. So first Kyle kisses me and then Dracula walks in. Not the best siuation.           " What we're you two doing?"  He says chillingly.

Kyle looks at me. " Am I missing something here? Scarlett?"

"Master!" I throw myself at the floor in front of him and kiss his hand. "You remember Kyle?"

"Yes. But what I want to know is what you two were doing."

"Master, you asked me to get Kyle Marks to join us did you not?"

"What?" said Kyle. He looked upset and angry.

Dracula looked at me, then slowly began to chuckle. "Very well. If my scarlett lady says so, I believe her." He put out his hand and helped me to my feet. "Now, what is my welcome gift?"

"Anything you want master."

"Hey. What the hell is going on?" Kyle started towards me, but Dracula wrapped his arms around my waist and we disappeared, leaving Kyle standing alone in the middle  of the forest.

The End

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