Luna: Uh

I try to stand up and stumble.

Uh, why do I always feel sick after he drinks my blood.... Oh yeah, cause my body forcibly creates new blood and its unnatural for an immortal to lose blood.

I get to my feet and walk over to the wardrobe. I change into jeans and a tight black top.

I pull on some below the knee boots and head for the door.

I also hate the fact how he so easily confuses me. I mean he may be stronger but I shouldn't be that weak.

And the fact he kissed me. Yuck. I go to the bathroom and wash my mouth out about ten times. Rubbing my lips with a towel trying to get the feeling of his lips off them.

"Err" I can't get the stupid thing out of my head never mind the feel.

I turn and storm into the kitchen. I make a cup of tea and warm up some coissants. I spread jam and but on them then bite into it.

But I can hardly consentrate on the taste.

I scream out in anger. Then getting my bag together I head for the school.

Stupid Dracula. Stupid Family who gave me to him. Stupid oath I made when I was four.

That's right my agreement wasn't just an agreement it was oath. My word by soul. And guess what. Those soul oaths really do work.

If you break it your mentally ripped apart and you die. So yay, if I want to live I must be Dracula's living immortal playtoy for all eternity.

I pout angrily then begin to walk angrily again.

I wonder what he's up to. Probably something involving someone getting hurt or discussing it.

Thats the only thing that he bothers with. He calls political matters boring and tries his best to get out of that.

The End

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