Scelestic: getting ready

I get into school an hour earlier, just to set things up and also check up on things.  You may think that school would be pretty quiet at this time at night. Well not really, some people have extra lessons at night, like astrology and survival lessons for the new students. Which reminds me there was that new vamp that had started, he will need to be told what’s what around here. And that it’s not all fun and blood sucking.

I walk down into the basement and started setting up the chairs around the basement, I’m not human but I’m not a flipping magician, some things are still done by hand. I ponder at how many people will come. I know who will not come, Luna. God I hate her. She’s also amazingly fast when running off. Though its not just pain I can inflict on her. I smile evilly at myself, I love it when I get a plan it gives me a thrill.

Just then I hear a noise, oh great it’s probably a stupid little freshman who has lost their way. I get ready to tell them to turn their ass around when unfortunately the face of my ex Atrox, a face I would rather not see came down the stairs. Oh crap, I forgot how absolutely stunning he was. Black hair, black skinny jeans and ACDC band t-shirt (our favourite song was highway to hell, natch), and those mesmerizing green eyes that draw you in.

 “Hey Scel, heard you were planning a party? Why didn’t you tell me?” he said, wow his voice is soo dreamy.

 “Hi, I would have told you but I thought you and I were split.” I say staring at his amazing muscles. He raises his eyebrow,

 “You know I don’t like missing parties. Especially death ones.” He gave a low chuckle. Mmmm. Wait what am I doing this guy is the devil. Well not literally, his son. He then went off having ‘fun’ with that stupid Elf from Holland. God he was the person who made me vow never ever to trust anyone or thing.

 “Why are you here Atrox? What do you want?”

 “Only you babe. Look I know I messed up, but I thought I could help you get rid of Kyle, without help. And also Kyle has been given a heads up about the meeting. He’s coming to crash it.”

 “So shall we fight him?”

 “No, too easy, too early.”

 “Why are you being so nice to me?”

 “Look I know you need some help, and I want to be there for you. I will change for you. Promise. Can we please get back together?”

 Unfortunately for Scelestic her one weakness was Atrox. So they left the basement and when back to hers. Meanwhile no-one was told the meeting was cancelled, and Atrox had other more evil ideas up his sleeve. 

The End

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