Roxy: Turnip.

I rush out of the doors, the cool wind obsorbing me, I smile as it cools me. I turn around to see Morgrid and Jason panting from catching up, No Luna, I note - she's probably gone home or something.

The wind soothes my aching head. Morgrid comes around, placing a hand on my forehead, he heals it muttering a spell of some sorts.

I sigh, "Thanks," I smile. "Do either of you two know, where the hell that hyper fit of mine came from?"

"Nope," Morgrid says happily. "You said something about 'chicken salad.'" he raises an eyebrow at me, I shrug. "And then you went skipping off, not having doublts about your newest, 'I shall not eat any bird,' craze?"

"Excuse me, but it is not a craze. How can I eat those mental little blighters?" I put my hands on my hips, tapping a foot like a mad mother.

"Quite easily, they're delicious," he licks his lips, tormenting me.

"You are a pig-"

"Which are also yummy."

I blink at him, shaking my head slowly I walk away.

"Where are you going?" Justin asks.

"To my room - y' know, 'cause I live here!" I yell to them, and jog off down the street.

My mental state has been worrying me recently, sometimes I'm quiet, wishing that I could just blend in with everyone else, the next... The next minute, I skipping and acting like a hooligen. It's because you are a nutter. The mean voice giggles in my head. The nice one seconds it by giggling.

Oh... shut up! My voice, sighs in my head.

Ha-ha, you realise that you're talking to voices in your head, you daft little girl. The nasty and nice voices cackle in my head.

I grit my teeth, open the front door walking in a couple of steps, I instictivly sniff the air. I stop, frozen to the ground. "Wh-Who's there?" I call out.

Floor boards creak behind me, the door clicks shut. "I wondered when you'd be back," a low voice says covering my mouth to stop me from screaming...

The End

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