Luna: Please, no

I wake up and groan the right side while mostly healed aches. I open my eyes and bolt awake going as far away from the end of the bed as I can.

"Nice to see you awake" he says turning to walk over to the window. Sunlight streams through but when it touches his skin he doesn't burn.

He learnt how to deal with that ages ago. The stronger the vampire the more flamable they are to the sun.

"I must be going, I have work and matters to attend to" he says coming back to the end of my bed.

I pull my body closer in on itself.

"You have no need to act so scared. I've been and fed even though your blood is quite.... potent" He's careful to use the right word.

Dracula knows better then to drink to much of an Elemental's Immortals blood. To Vampires its the top notch wine, the best of the best.

I'm the only of my kind thats ever fell pray to a vampire and thats cause he got me young. Then the fact my family were happy to get rid of me.

"Also the fact since your Immortal and living so you'll never run out is.... another attraction" He says smiling.

I shiver. How can he act like this?

Oh, heck what am I saying its Dracula. The first vampire. The Ancient of the Ancients.

And I have a deal with him. A life long deal which in mine and his case is eternity.

Thats the only reason he agreed to it was cause what I was and the fact I would never die.

He walks up to the side of the bed and I try to scoot away but he catches my eyes. My whole body stops moving, no longer in my control.

"I will be back later" He says. Then he smiles tilting up my chin and kissing me.

Ahh, I want to move. He finishes and walks out the room the moment he's gone my body is free to move.

But I don't do that I curl up on myself and cry.

I'm just a toy to him, a pawn in chess. I hate him, I want him to die even though that would never happen.

The End

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