Loki: Dracula

I looked at the door, fully aware the sun was soon to be rising.

"Come in," I called.

Then Dracula walked in, his hair was jet black and oiled back showing his full forehead. His eyes were a milky red, his fingers long and claw-like.

Immediately I went to my knees.

"Count Dracula, how may I serve you?" I clasped his knees and awaited his answer.

"Plans shall soon be put into operation," he started, "I am aware of your past mistakes, but moreso I am aware of your undying loyalty to me," he walked around me, motioning for me to get up, "I have not drank from a mortal in a while, I have been conserving myself, I shall give you one honor, well... two."

"What is it my liege?"

"First, you shall join me in a hunt, second, you shall let me drink from you, the blood of an ancient is the best way for one to be revived... and then, you shall join me in my plans," I smiled cruelly like him, all of a sudden I felt my old mischievous self return. That was the thing about Dracula, he had so much power it empowered you.

He leapt from the window and I joined him, both of us turning into wolves as we sprinted through the forest.

Dracula howled and a returning call brought us to the pack of wolves. In the mist they looked like pearlescent ghosts, their eyes shining in  the darkness.

The alpha wolf approached Dracula who stared it down with ease.

He growled and then led the pack.

The group of campers were still there. In one swift sweep the tents were torn, the wolves mauling the inhabitants, it was disgusting and a waste with all the bits hanging around. Dracula shifted form to human and I joined him. We chose the largest tent, the one with the most people.

We entered.

Within seconds the group were screaming as Dracula sank his fangs, his eyes glowing demonic red. I took a young woman, pushing her against a tree as she moaned. It felt sooo good, so right as the nectar filled my veins, giving me life. I breathed heavily as did she. Then I snapped her neck and threw her to the floor.

I returned to the tent. It was quiet. There were flecks of blood streaked across the blue material and the bodies lay in a pile as he finished off the last child.

We exited the tent.

"Burn it," he commanded. I grabbed a burning log from the campfire and took it to the tents. They erupted in plumes of blue-red smoke. Soon it was all ash.

Dracula looked at me...

"...and now," he came towards me seductively, "it wont hurt," he promised. I was almost frightened but stood still as he breathed along my neck before biting me. The pain was excruciating, mixed with a sadistic pleasure. I felt weak and faint, my body falling to the floor as his followed mine until I was laid there, passing out.

"Soon we shall embark upon my plans, until then my brother, you shall rest in Castle Dracula until your health is returned, you may stay in this putrid school should that be your will, but now..." I didn't hear the last bit as the creeping black fingers that surrounded my eyes and ears clamped down and took me into a hellish state of fitful dreaming.

The End

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