Luna: Ouch

We all walked home and Roxy skipped ahead.

"And you like this girl" I whisper in Jasons ear. But he look to shocked that I bet he wasn't paying attention.

I click my fingers a flame appearing and I begin to mess around with it, letting in roll over my fingers.

Then I hold my palm up and blow. It shapes into a horse before quickly disapearing.

"Wow, how did you do that?" Jason asks. "It didn't just form it looked alive"

"Like this" I turn my hnad around ech other and a mini live horse appear on my right palm neighing and kicking its hooves.

"Simple" I say smiling at him.

Jason shakes his head. I clench my fist around the flames destroying them.

"Oh, I need to go now" I turn to the left and run off. I turn and wave. "Bye guys"

Then I run off down the road heading for my house.

"Ah!" As soon as I step through the door, he grabs me by the throat and slams me against it.

I struggle and kick but its no use.

"Hm, Your late" He lets go and I slide to the floor trying to catch my breath. I look up at Dracula who just smiles smugly.

"Does anyone know your here?" I ask as he walks across the room and sits down in a chair.

"No" He says. "I might visit Scarlett but.... thats not what I came for. I don't like hid and seek Luna you wasted some of my valuable time"

I scoff. "I would hardly call it valuable"

Then I'm up against the wall again.

"May I remind you that you family gave you to me at 4 years old. I did what they asked look after you and kept it a secret that I was. But in return I asked for full control of your life...." He presses harder. "And may I remind you, you agreed to that"

"Please" I choke. "Don't"

He loosens up but I know what comes next. I scream kicking but like before he just ignores my feeble attempt and sinks his teeth into my neck.

Then slowly I black out.

The End

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