Ruby: Walking home

'So what's happening about your party tonight?'  Tyler had very kindly offered to walk me home after I washed the mascara streaks away from my face that were a result of my crying session.

'I guess it's not happening, most of the people that were going to be there are at this 'secret' meeting anyway.'

'I'm sorry about that, I was looking forward to it.'  I smiled at him from behind my hair.

'It's OK I can have it some other time.  When we're not saving the inhabitants of the supernatural world from some crazy demon hunter.'  I laughed at his light-hearted tone.  We got to my door and I could see my mother in the living room.  She saw me walking home with a boy, a vampire boy no less, and her jaw dropped.

'Well, this is me.'  I stood at my front door looking back at him.  'I guess I'll see you at eleven then.'  He nodded.

'I'll come pick you up before?  We wouldn't want you getting lost would we.'

'No we wouldn't.  So I'll see you around ten thirty?'


'Can't wait.'  I fumbled for my door key but was saved by my mother opening it before I could make an idiot of myself.  My mother looked a lot like me, the same blonde hair and blue eyes only my mother was an extrovert personality which constrasted to my introvert one.

'So who's this Ruby?'  I wasn't sure if she approved of Tyler or not, she was giving nothing away.

'I'm Tyler.  Very nice to meet you Mrs-'

'Call me Karen.'  It wasn't her real name of course, it was the one she used to blend in as a human.  'Are you coming in?'  Tyler looked very uncomfortable.

'We're going out later tonight, there's a party.'  I lied about the meeting because I didn't want my mum to know about Kyle.  Luckily Tyler seemed to understand that aswell as he didn't correct me.

'OK then.'  My mum was shocked, I hadn't been interested in parties before.  'I suppose I'll see you later then Tyler.'  I smiled apolagetically at him as the door closed behind me.

The End

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