Roxy: Chicken salad.

Jason, Morgrid and I are going to that meeting tonight, Luna opted out.

"I wonder who else is going..." Jason thinks aloud.

Luna tuts under her breath, "Do we hace to keep talking about that meeting?"

"Ok then," I announce, pulling my long glove back up my arm, "Let's talk about the pros and cons of chicken salad."

All three stare at me. "Chicken... salad?" Morgrid asks, a slight undertone of amusment hint in his husky voice.

"Yes, chicken salad. I think it's best served on rye myself..."



"You, are a classical case of a nutter."

"Aww, you say the sweetest things," I smile and skip off down the corridor. I must admit, I can't wait untill that meeting, it's going to be amusing, that's for sure. I wave to the new kid - or rather young adult - as I skip, the others trailing behind me.

"La la laaaaaaaaa!" I sing - in tune, where did that come from?

The End

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