Ruby: Air Mail

Things were going so well with George, he was funny, kind and drop dead gorgeous but for some reason all I could think about was Tyler.  His smile and laugh and the way he looked at me.

'So you doing anything tonight?'  The question caught me off guard.

'Ummm... yeah, I've been invited to this party at Tyler's.'

'Tyler?  I didn't realise you were friends.'  There was something protective in his eyes that made me feel special.

'Well we're not, well not really, he just asked if I wanted to go and I thought...'  My voice trailed off.  I don't know what I thought.  I was saved from further humiliation by a letter flying onto my desk.  The outside was blank, no name.  I gently picked it up and opened it.

Dear Recipient,

 As you know Kyle Marks has returned to our school, and I will not stand for it. I am holding a meeting in the school basement at 11pm to make a plan at how to eradicate him forever. Keep this a secret. Traitors, and people who do not turn up will be punished. I will personally make sure of it.


Oh God!  I knew about Kyle Marks, the terrible things he had done to my people and the thought of him being here terrified me.  My hands started to shake uncontrollably.

'Are you OK?'

'I need to leave.'  I got up from my chair and no-one tried to stop me as I left the classroom dragging my bag behind me.  The corridor was silent.  I leant against the cold wall and slowly slid down to the floor.

Kyle had killed so many members of my family, we weren't as untouchable as vampires or werewolves.  The right spell and faeries disappeared like dust.

'Bad day?'  It was Tyler again, he sat down next to me on the floor, his back against the wall.  'I see you got one too.  I'm not sure whether to go or not, Kyle is planning an attack on the people who go against him.'

'I can't let him kill more innocent people.'  Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I thought of my dead friends.  'I have to stand against him.'  Tyler's arm went tentatively around my shoulder.

'I know.  I'll stand with you, I can tell how much he has hurt you.'  I leaned against his chest and let the tears fall.  The bell went, students would start leaving classes soon.

'Thank you Tyler.'

The End

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