Lee: First Day of High School. Again.

  My name is Lee Jenkins. I am a vampire. I was only turned a few weeks ago, on my seventeenth birthday. It was my dad. He called it his 'birthday present'. I call it 'child abuse taken too far'.

  I have long, black, emo-ish hair, and I am very, very, pale. My hair is too long for you to see my eyes, but if you did, they'd be crimson red. On of the reasons that I have long hair is to hide them. Also because if a human looks into them, they're unable to stop. So yeah, I kinda have to  hide them. Not that I don't like the look.

  I have a metal lip-ring, pierced into my white lips. That's the only piercing I have, but only because I got it for my birthday, because my mother wouldn't let me get one until I was that age. So I got that piercing, and then I was a vampire, with the skin of a white, white stone. So, no more piercings.

  I have a deep voice, but I tend not to use it a lot. Most people think it's because I'm an emo, but it really is because I don't want to be noticed. Who would if you were a vampire?

  I always wear black button-up shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the crease at my pale elbow. I wear black jeans, skinny and bootleg, and I always have a chain from the pocket to the other pocket. I wear loafers on my feet, and no matter how long I wear them for, they never start to smell. In fact, they still look- and smell- new!

  And I am now in Supernatural High, having only just been turned into a vampire. I'm now the new kid. Great.

  I was only ever the new kid once. Back in England, at my old secondary school. I moved into London three years into school, and everyone wouldn't stop talking to me. They never did- I never gave them a chance. I moved before they could stop.

  But anyway, that's it. My name's Lee Jenkins, and I'm a seventeen year old vampire.

The End

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