Loki: Knock at the Door

Whispers of a meeting whipped round the school. I could hear people muttering the words and the threats with exclamations.

I was perched on the desk in an abandoned room, thinking of Dracula. he had failed to contact me for a while now, then some vamp chick clicks her fingers and she's all in with him. Typical Count.

I closed my eyes and thought deeply. I hadn't been invited to the meeting but I didn't really care, it wasn't my fightm unless he happened to be some descendant of Helsing, then he'd know. So I did what I do best, planned a mass feeding.

Mist crept around the building, flooding the woods in a soft white blanket. Wolves howled in the distance. I heard growling outside as they awaited my commands. I sense all the females within a large radius, suddenly they would all become rather... provocative if you know what I mean.

The wind pushed the window open and a wolf jumped through.

"My friend, gather the wolves, we shall hunt some humans and satiate our desires!" she bowed her head and I patted her head. Turning tail she exited the room.

I was about to join her when I heard a knock at the door, for the first time in a while, knocked off guard. Who was it?

The End

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