Soadon: Amara again

Huh, this is confusing. I got invited to a guys death party, and then the guy came to me and asked to crash it. I love this school! What's more, thanks to this book, I can help!!

I had seven hours to kill, so I was looking for a quiet place to practice. So of course, I picked the library, because if it was anything like it was before, it would be unoccupied. Of course because I just thought that, it wasn't empty. In there was a familiar face.

"Hey Amara, how's it going?" She looked up. She didn't quite know what to say, but I didn't either, so it was all good. "Why you in here alone?"

"Um, I was gonna go to theatre but... something came up and I needed sometime alone."

"I see... it wouldn't have anything to do with this would it?" I got out my invitation. She turned away. "Don't let this intimidate you, Kyle's not exactly willing to die."

"From the looks of this I wouldn't say he has much of a choice."

I smile " Him Scarlett and I are planning to crash the party. It promises to be quite fun, 100% chance of fight." She shuttered a bit. " Guessing you're going to it."

" I guess, this isn't exactly a good time to make myself an outcast." I admit I laughed a bit, but I stopped when I saw she was getting angry. "What's so funny? I'm serious"

"Amara, this one thing isn't gonna make you an outcast, if it would then I'd be one a long time ago. Heck, if you want you can come with the three of us."

She looked down. "I don't know..."

"Just something to think about, anyway, you mind if I read here for a bit?" She shook her head. "All right cool, I'll be right here if you want to talk." I sat down and began reading, but I couldn't focus. Too much stuff is going on, how could I? Something tells me even if we win this, it's not gonna be the end.

The End

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