Kyle: Lets crash my own death Party!

I finished reading the letter, who would have thought she detested me this much? Well I'am a demon hunter so it should have been obviouse. I gave out a cold laugh. Last time was not even a close draw so she needed the help of others. Since last time I've gotten in a hell of a lot sronger to , but lost some former allies ,and friends because of it.

I grabbed Scarlett at the waist and quickly pulled her closer to me." So are you going to help and plot agianst me? Or are you gonna help me and cause these losers some trouble?" I ask. For the first time I saw a vampire take a breath.

" Lets do it." 

That made me feel better. I felt like I should have kissed her then but thought that would have been odd timing , and I didn't think she would have been to happy with that.

" Thanks. Scarlett." I turn to Tyler , and let go of Scarlett, "Hey you Tyler, you can go ahead and join Scelestic if you want , but let me warn you that decision might hurt you alot." 

Then turn back to Scarlett, " Its not usually my style to ask for help from others but it sounds like more then half the schools is gonna show up. So I have one more person to invite before we crash my own death party."

" And that would be?" She asks

" Soadon, He has never hated me so just seems like a good choice."

We both head back to the school , planning on how we will crash this thing. I wanted to keep the casualties low or to non just injuries, but something told me this was going to turn ugly.  I kept the letter in my pocket knowing full will my current actions was going to bann me agian.  I think this was going to remain mostly underground literally the school basement was huge.  As we reach the school Soadon was sitting at the walkway.He was just fininishing the letter.

" Hey Soadon, whats up? So your invited on this thing to eh?"

" Well its sorta agianst you Kyle how would you be invited?" He asks.

" I'm not just crashing it." 

" Oh that make sense."

" so do you want to join Scarllett and I? Or go with Scelestic either way there is going to be a fight." 

He instantly responded , " Sounds like crashing is much better than by invitation, I'm in."

" cool meet ya at the basement enterance 5 minutes after, so when we enter we intterupt her speech."  I tell him then continue on into the school.

" So what should we do till then?" I ask  Scarlett.  I was hoping she wouldn't go but there wasn't much to till 11.

The End

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