Jason : Music

I looked at the slip of paper that Roxy was holding and put my left hand behind my back, clicking my fingers the paper poofs from her hands and into mine behind my back. I bring it to my face so I can read it.

"Oh it's that Kyle guy you hate Luna!" I say, she looks at me fiercly. "Down girl. Yeah, I guess I'll go. I mean, I don't really know him, but he sounds awful."

"No Way!" says Luna "I don't want to talk about him,  be near him or think about him!" I smile at Roxy who smiles back. Finally! It only took a couple hours, but she finally noticed me.

Luna, Roxy, Morgrid and I go and get our books and say we'll meet up at music class. When we got to class, Morgrid and Roxy were already there.

"What took you so long?" asked Roxy.

"Our lockers are all the way in the west wing!" says Luna.

"Ouch," replies Morgrid.

I'd been staring at the back wall, deciding on an instrument. I lifted my right hand and flicked my index finger as an acoustic guitar's case snapped open and the guitar floated out of the case. I put my arms in the position that I'd hold the guitar and thought Come here guitar!. The guitar flew into my hands and I smiled at Luna, Morgrid and Roxy, strumming the strings.

"Thank you! I'm here all week!" I said, bowing and laughing.

The End

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