Roxy: Quick escapes.

The girl with the mirror ran out out the room. Odd. I think, looking up to the other vampire with old eyes.

I smile, my eyes bunching in the corners. "I'll be off... Bye!" I get up and run as fast as I can, out of there. I don't hear the vampire move an inch. I glance behind to check that he's not following.


I run straight into someone, who falls to the floor taking me down with him (or the other way round, either way we both hit the floor). Terrified that it's the vampire I leap off, before I take too much power.

Looking down I let out a shaky laugh, "Oh, good. It's just you."

"Just me?" Jason replies looking hurt.

I frown, "Oh, I didn't mean it like- Oh never mind. Sorry for banging into you."

"S'ok," he looks down.

Luna looks at me, "What were you running from, you seem to be running a lot today?"

"Em... I kinda just... accidently... completely by accident... evesdropped on a vampire talking to a mirror... Do you know who she's working with? Please don't say it's a cliche like Dracula...."

Jason pops up, as they both raise eyebrows at her. "What?! C'mon, working for Dracula? Talk about a Bram Stoker dream." A familiar laugh makes me turn my head, "Hey, Morgrid."

"Hey, Roxy Rox." He smiles, "Havin' fun with my powers?"

"Hey, wait, what?" Luna and Jason ask in sync.

"Didn't you kno-"

"No they don't," I cut Morgrid off. "Y' know, 'cause I don't particually what everyone to know what I can do, thank you oh so very much!"

"What can you do?" Luna's voice is serious.


"You what?" Jason asks.

"She can't tell you if you stop her from speaking."

"Shut up, Morgrid," I mutter, "Please?" He nods. "I-I can..." I gulp. "I can mimic peoples' powers!" I spit out quickly, looking at the floor.

"So, how do you do it?" Luna asks, a soft tone in her voice.

"It just happens, usually when I meet someone twice or have a convostation or two with them. Or, in really special cases just eye contact can let me copy their powers. Morgrid use to use spells, but after a couple of years I took his powers - today actually. My birth power has a mind of it's own I sware."

"Great." Someone says, I don't recongnise them as a piece of paper comes flying to my face.

Dear Recipient,

As you Kyle Marks has returned to our school, and I will not stand for it. I am holding a meeting in the school basement at 11pm to make a plan of how to eradicate him forever. Keep this a secret. Traitors, and people who do not turn up will be punished. I will personally make sure of it.


"Ooh, this is... interesting..." I change the subject from me to the letter. Morgrid looks over my sholder, "Got one of those earlier, you going?" he asks.

"I may," I reply, "It seems amusing. I wonder who'll turn up." Morgrid chuckles slightly, I turn to him. "You going?"

"Not on my tod. Let's go together then," I announce, Morgrid is my bestest friend in the whole world - my only real friend. We turn to Luna and Jason, "You coming?"

The End

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