Scarlett: Can I trust him?

"So what brought you back, My handsome looks?" For a moment I think I feel a flutter in my unbeating heart. No. I'm just being silly. Strange though. Normally I'd respond to his big ego talking.

" No. You know very well why I am here."

" Oh you mean Draccy. Don't worry, I have dropped him for now. Which brings me to this, You know Anything about a J.K. Hellfire?"

I felt relieved he'd dropped the Dracula case for the moment, but I felt irritation at my master being called 'Draccy'. Also I wasn't sure whether to believe Kyle, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. The name rings no bells to me.

" No never heard of him, or her."

He looked disappointed, and I was about to ask him why he had been so interested when I felt a letter fly in to my hands, and saw a similar one fly into Tyler's.

" Looks like I'm being left out of something." said Kyle.

I tore open the envelope and stared at the contents. Then I laughed.

"Will be punished? Don't make me laugh!" I cried.

"What is it?" said Kyle. I handed it to him.

Dear Recipient,

 As you know Kyle Marks has returned to our school, and I will not stand for it. I am holding a meeting in the school basement at 11pm to make a plan of how to eradicate him forever. Keep this a secret. Traitors, and people who do not turn up will be punished. I will personally make sure of it.


Kyle chuckled, but I noticed the serious chilling tone underneath.

"So," he said taking me by the waist and pulling me towards him so fast that, had I needed to breathe, I would have gasped, "Are you going to go and plot against me? Or are you going to help me cause these losers some trouble?"

I took a deep (and unneccessary) breath before I replied.

"Let's do it."

The End

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