Luna: Try your best deamon

A piece of paper flies into view. I pluck it out of the air and stop walking.

"Uh" I mutter screwing the paper up.

"What?" Jason ask.

I set the paper on fire. It blazes quickly.

"Hey" I turn to see a girl watching me angrily. "Did you even read it?"

"No" I say unaffected by how she glares at me. She's obviously a deamon hm....... Scelestic. Yeah, that's it.

"Well, It said 'if you don't turn up you Will be punished'" she says angry.

"Give it your best shot" I say calmly. I notice Jason has stepped away hestitantly.

The girl consentrates and I feel powers to cause pain hit my shield. They bounce off evaporating almost.

I smile smugly maybe with a hint of cheekyness.

"What the?" She says.

"I'll be seeing you" I say nodding then heading down the corridor. After taking a second looked at the shocked girl Jason follows.

"What was that?" he asks.

"Shield spell. I could teach you it, it takes a while to get to my level and perfect it but it can deflect all spells once perfected" I say looking.

"That would be good" he says. "Lets find Roxy"

I nod and we go off to find her.

The End

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