Scelestic: Letter

Some people say its obvious why me and Kyle don’t get along. I’m the demon and he’s the demon hunter, simple. Well its not. We go way back, generations of his family against mine.  Death and destruction throughout. I need a plan, to try and over run him. He doesn’t suspect anything from me at the moment, but he will always be ready, it needs to be very carefully thought out.

Now, I don’t like associating myself with other lower and inferior beings, but this time I am making an exception. I am sending out a message to those with who he has not allied;

Dear Recipient,

 As you know Kyle Marks has returned to our school, and I will not stand for it. I am holding a meeting in the school basement at 11pm to make a plan at how to eradicate him forever. Keep this a secret. Traitors, and people who do not turn up will be punished. I will personally make sure of it.


I write in my elegantly gothic writing. I sent them off with a flick of my hand. I need to get rid of this vermin forever. And to make sure it happens, I will need help. I could try and fight him alone, but this was hard enough last time, I still bare the scars across my back and side of my neck. He is very hard to get to; I only managed to hold him down via mental torture the last time. This then also ended up in part of the school burning down, though that was not a problem, as it was easily paid for.

But this time I will win. So what if others die or get injured in the process? They are just toy soldiers in my game, just merely make it easier, and I can always get more.  This time no-one will defeat me. This time I will come out on top.

The End

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