Roxy: Sneezing.

Well, that was smart wasn't it. Not only do you obsorb Morgrid's powers, but you bolt out if that Maths class as if you just pooped yourself, making you look like a right 'tard. A nasty - but true - voice snipes in my head, as I continue to hide behind the back door.

The girl is still talking to that mirror - I wonder if it has a person in it, that can talk back and everything...

I pull a black elastic from my wrist, securing in around my wavy out-of-control scarlett hair.

Footsteps capture my hearing from the room behind me. They don't retreat, so the girl is still there, they're slightly heavier. I turn around, peeking around the door, making silent movements - a 'gift' I picked up from a vampire two years ago.

A vampire looking around 18, I squint my eyes closely together, Vampire... Uh-oh. This is not going to be fun! He short black hair brissles slightly back as he glides through to the girl - who is still (?!) talking to the mirror. 

Her red hair swirls around her like a cape as she talks to the other vampire. Great, two vampires, virses you. I wonder who's gunna win. The little voice says, mocking me.


The vampire talk to each other - although from here it sounds more like growling (male vamp) and hissing (female vamp), although that could just be a bad connection...

Dust mites fly into my nose, my nose curls up. NO! All the voices scream in my head. Air and more dusties zoom up my nose, my nose twitches.

"AH-CHEW!!" My head drops, my eyes squeeze together, my small hands cover my nose.

I look up to see two very pissed looking vampires before me, and an even older on scowling in the mirror. Oh... Bugger!

Try getting out of this one Rox. The nasty voice says, a tinge of scaredness (is that a word?) in it's voice.

The End

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