Loki: Wandering

The forest provides excellent hunting grounds, occasionally you get the odd hiker just asking to be fed on. My attention was caught by a group who had set up camp, their feeble fire barely illuminating the outer edges of their camp.

Shhhhh I whispered, catching their attention. I focused on the one female, she turned around, almost laughing as if I had told a joke and was telling her to be quiet.

"I'm gonna go for a walk," she told the rest and moved towards me. She saw me and came towards me, "are you going to kill me?" she asked, still giggling.

"Yes I am my dear, would you like to know how?" I asked.

"Oh yes please!" she pleaded.

"Ok, firstly I will seduce you, oh sorry... already done that, then I shall kiss you," I took her by the small of her back which arched, "then I shall kiss your neck," I pecked it, the beautiful fragrance filling my nose, my eyes glowing crimson, "and then..." I plunged my fangs into her neck and fed. The blood pulsed through me, making my hair stand on end as my heart beat faster and faster, blood pumping through my veins faster and faster.

I sighed and dropped her to the floor.

Once back in the school, I wandered through the corridors, I saw a maths class and peeked inside, seeing a young Gorgon, I stared at her, focusing upon her. Eventually she looked up but I had disappeared.

Instead I made for the library, I decided lessons were just too boring right now.

I found a book on Dracula. He had been my King, I was his loyal servant. I remembered that evening when he changed, when he denied God and was so condemned to live a damned life. His subject where also changed because we believed in him entirely and praised him like a God. The Original ones, the ones who changed first, also the Ancients who where the purest of Vampires, although Dracula was by far the strongest. At that moment I sense a dark energy I knew well. I moved towards it and saw a girl conversing with Him.

The End

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