Luna: Calm

"You look Mad" Jason notes as the bell goes finally for the end of the lesson.

"Mad? Really? I just thought that sitting next to a self centered idiot for the whole class would put me in a brilliant mood" I turn to glare at him the obvious hitting home.

"Ah, come one. He's not that bad" Jason says.

I look at him annoyed. "Okay, maybe he is but maybe he's changed"

"Kyle will never change. Not even before he dies and I'll be there to watch" I say angry.

"Ouch! Remind me to never get on your bad side" he says wincing at the first part.

"Yeah, well I'm not a good person to anger. But luckily he doesn't know that and I'm not going to let him find out" I say.

We reach the next class. I sigh.

"Music" I mutter angrily.

"Maybe we should go find Roxy" Jason surgests.

"Yeah, anythings better than showing off. Also you'll be worried all lesson if we don't"

He opens his mouth to protest but I cut him off short.

"Come on" I say beggining down the hallway heading in any direction.

The End

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