Kyle: To kill list. found little over half a year later

So I annoyed the hell outta Luna by just being there. Didn't surprise me , theres three thing I am in this school well generally am. Feared, hated , or respected.  The latter usually tied in with fear.  Roxy came into the room momentarily resisting an urge that probably meant shouting Hypocrite at me. It was rather offensive to say I'm related to a goblin , troll , demon, or dragon. First off most of those beasts are ugly stupid creatures, I'm niether. Then there is the arguement about me killing witches , werewolves and vampires.On the occasion depending on there deeds I will kill them but rarely did they meet my To Kill list

Scelestic made the made the list becuase she barely hit minimum requirements she was stronger than most of the students here and was of course a demon. I put her at the end though she wasn't killing or plotting anything to my knowledge but that didn't stop me from the occasional threat or fight. It was sort of unfortutnate demone hunting was partially instinct. I begant to get back to my work, and I finished my work easily it was review to me and I knew I would pass with flying colours.  Then something hit my sense on a faint but strong presence of..... Dracula oh right of course Scarlett was in with his gang of killers. 

Something snapped in my head instinct to go on for another hunt. I calmed myself and left the class five minutes early.  I flew out of the main school grounds to my house provided by the school since my origins are unknown. Yeah I sorta appeared into existance according to the members of the school board.  It was a small wooden house one floor ,a kitchen, dining room with 4 seats, bedroom, small living room with an old beaten leather pull out bed , couch. thingy. Across from the couch was the only decent thing in the house a flatscreen , and a game console. I opened my doorway and my cat Paro greeted me with a loud mew.

" Heya Paro, The head master treat you well?" I ask. This cat had demonstrated the most intteligence I have seen from a common animal and I knew all the different tones of his mews.

His mew sounded unhappy.

" Well thats to bad." 

I fetch him some food then. sit down on a dining room table where my to kill list was left relatively untouched and dusted. I smack the dust off and read the names and information.

Dracula : Whereabouts unknown, Scarlett may possibly have a few leads.May tell me where he is.

I scratched that out, I knew nothing of the sort would come out of her mouth even if she did owe me. I would give up for a bit after all head hunting Dracula was a bit ambitouse after all. I looked at the bottom it was new name written by someone elses writing.

J.K . Hellfire

"Who is that?"  I say out loud.  I got up to look at a bookshelf full of demons and people who would make the to kill list. A knock at door stops my curiousity.


The End

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