Roxy: Promlem page case.

After making awkward small talk with Jason and introducing myself and Morgrid, I turn my self back to the maths lesson (yawn!), Kyle sits next to Jason's friend, making me feel psyically sick.

I have to control myself not to yell and call him a hypocrite. It's all in the self control, Sir tought you. I think to mysself.

"Hey, Rox, pass us a pen, please. I forgot mine." Morgrid taps me lightly on the sholder, sending his power into his system. My body drops, trying to fight it. "Sh*t!!" He exclaims.

"I need to..." I rush out of the class room, feeling like one of those angst teens writing into a magazine for advise. Except no on can give me advice now. I run to a random room, there I see another red head talk into a mirror.

Using my common sense I duck out of the room. There I collaspe on the floor, Morgrid's power now forever in me. This is not good!

The End

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