Ruby: Maybe he's not so bad

I hid my guitar again and headed back to lessons.  It didn't take long for Belle to find me.

'So how was your lunchbreak?  You always seem to be disappearing these days.'  She slid her arm through mine as we walked down the corridor.

'I just like spending some time alone.'  OK I know that wasn't true of today but people didn't usually come near the music rooms so normally I was alone. 

I smiled slightly at the memory of my lunchtime song session with Tyler.  I was surprised at myself, I didn't have much experience with guys so I was amazed at how easy it had been.  And Tyler wasn't really as bad as everyone made him out to be.

'What's that look for?'

'What look?'  I instinctively hid behind my veil of hair so Belle couldn't see my face.

'THE look.  The one that says I have a secret but I'm not going to tell you.'

'I don't have any secrets from you, you know that.'  We walked into our biology class and there was George sitting alone at a work station.  I could feel my cheeks reddening already.  He motioned for me to go sit with him.

'Looks like you've just got a new best friend.'  Isabelle winked at me before sitting at another desk.  I took a deep breath and walked over to George's table with my most charming smile in place.

'Hi again.'

The End

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