Amara: Senses

"So, who can tell me the value of x?" the math teacher said.  Only two students raised their hands, both of them immortals.  Sure, gorgons are immortal too, but we age at a normal human rate until around twenty years old.  The rest of us, who actually were the age we appeared, were left in the dust.

Getting a bit bored, I considered what the rest of the class would look like as statues.  Somehow, my mind got off on Soadon.  I thought about his blue hair, his golden eyes, the fact that he didn't completely ignore me after I revealed my grade level...

Suddenly, something caught the attention of my hair.  Somewhere to my left was something sinister, and it was strong.  There were centuries of decay, not to mention a lot of black magic.

"Amara?" I whipped my head and hair back around to the teacher.  "We're waiting."

I stared at the chalkboard, trying to hastily decipher the variables and formulas.  "Um, seven?" I tried.

The teacher looked surprised and mildly impressed.  "That's correct.  Eyes up front, please.  Now, when solving for..."  I guess I'm not so bad at math after all.

By the time I was able to turn my attention back to whatever it was I had sensed, it was gone.  What could have put out such a strong signal?

The End

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