Scarlett: In control

The feeling of power grew inside of me with every step I took away from Kyle. He wasn't the best choice if you wanted attention for yourself, but the guy had style, and he was kind of cool in an annoying way. I passed Crimson in the hall. She seemed to have given up her attempt at taking over for now, and was busy trying to fit in. But you can never be too careful.

I slipped in to a nearby deserted classroom and sat, cross legged on the table. I started up a chant, and watched as the walls faded in to the background, and in front of me a mirror materialised. Swimming in to view on the mirror was the face of the oldest vampire in history, Dracula.


"Scarlett! How are you my red haired beauty?"

"I am well Master. You are better I see."

"Yes yes, bloody marvelous, if you'll pardon the pun"

I smiled, then waved my hand to show him a air picture of Kyle. "Master, the demon hunter has returned. He seems to have forgotten you are my sire. I see him becoming a great ally in the future."

"Well done Scarlett. I can see I taught you well. So he has not asked my wearabouts as he promised he would?"

"Not even a mention."

"Good. Good. Well, get back to your class dear. I want to be able to see how much you have improved when you visit me at the Fest. You should be well ahead of the others after the lessons I have taught you."

"Yes master. Until the Fest."

"Until the Fest sweet child."

Dracula's image disappeared, and the room swam back in to focus. I dlipped out of the classroom and headed to my next lesson. Time to show them all what I was made of. 

The End

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