Luna: Uh, no

I couldn't help but feel slight pity for Jason. But he was doing very good at the moment.

Then the door opened and guess who walked in.

"Oh no" I moaned bury my face in my arms.

Kyle walked up to the teacher and handed over a slip.

Almost everyone had seem to freeze the moment he walked in. Well, of course they would. Half of them were seen as unholy creatures then a few were deamons.

And I knew where he would be sitting. The only free space right next to me.

I begin muttering a curse over and over again.

"Hey, Luna.... haven't seen you in a while?" he sits down and everyone's lets out a sigh of relief before continuing there conversations.

"Go away" I mumble.

"Uh, can't we have to sit right next to each other" he says. I know that I want you to go away and DIE!

I take a deep breath and try and calm down.

"What's the matter?" he asks then almost immediatly after. "What you been up to?"

"What's the matter? is the fact that I have too sit next to a guy who constantly bugged nearly every girl 3 years ago at this school. And I've been studying  quantum physics in Miami" I say through my teeth.

"Uh, got the first part but I know what quatum physics are but why miami?" Kyle asks.

"It's peaceful and there was a normal immortal there that just loved the sciences" I explained.

Then the teacher begins serious work and it keeps him quiet for about..... oh, 4 minutes max.

"So, why were you studying quantum psysics?"

"Beacause I want to help people..... without harming anyone. Science is a good way" I knew he knew what I meant by that comment about not 'harming anyone'.

"I'm a deamon hunter its my job" he says shrugging.

I scoff then begin on my work getting all of the answers right.

The End

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