Tyler: A crush?

     So, me and Ruby hung out in the Music Room for a while, she played different songs she knew and i noticed she slowly warmed up to me, got less and less nervous. I smiled alot more. I started thinking how nice it would be  if i could spend more time with her..wait..was this a crush? On A Fairy Girl?  Weird..It felt  warming and comforting. Its a good thing

 I  heard the bell ring. I sighed a little but i didn't want this girl to relize my feelings yet. 

"Soo..I'll see yah at my party right?" I said smiling

"Uh..Maybe, where is it you live again?" She replied nervously

" Tombstone Lane, Number 8" I said with a Grin.

"Oh..okay i'll see yah There" She said grinning back at me.

I walked out the room with her, she turned left i turned Right.Anyways, now that fun was over, its time to go Find the Loser that proclaimed himself a Demon Hunter. Oh joy.

The End

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