Kyle: terms and a couple familiar faces

"I could share if you like."   I was about to say no thank you. Even if I was a vamp it would be the same response. That was kinda repulsive anyways thinking of that kid. Before I could say it she kissed me on the cheek and vanished before I could speak. 

" that was ... nice" I think to myself and actually meaning it.

Well time to see the headmaster. I walked into the office.

" Well Kyle you made it no surprise your here take a seat." A very dull voice comes from the office.

" Hello sir, I'm hear to hear your terms and conditions of my stay."

" No fighting even in self defence, no demon hunting , and try not to cause an uproar among the others like last year. "

" Sounds allright but Isn't it alright about s."he cuts me off.

" Tell me Kyle, why would you need to if all physical attacks will not hurt you, and most brands of magic will only deflect off you. Why do you need to defend yourself?"

" Because its a stat.."

" Who cares you nearly killed a student last year. You don't know your limits. We don't know your limits. No one know who or what you are so until then this will be left undiscussed. Also no demon hunting. Capiche?"

" Yes sir." I say

" Here is your class schedule please learn something other than fighting and looking at girls."

" Will try sir."

" No I want do."

" Will ddddddddddd, try."

" whatever , go. Oh and you'll fine your feline pet in your room." He said in disgust.

" Thanks sir."  I say leaving trying not to disrespect him.

Outside the Office stood Roxy , and her friend Morgrid , funny that I could see him in his glamour.

"Hello, is there something you want?|

The End

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