Soadon: That was.... awkward

"Well, don't go around telling everyone.  You're new here, right?" I chose to avoid that subject, in case someone heard me.

"Yeah I'm a freshman." Immediately after she said that I could tell she regret it.

"A freshman?" Because I ran out of things to say. And instead I just stood there thinking. Oh crap. You really did it this time Soadon. Two freaking years younger, AND you have no idea what a gorgon is! Don't be mean, ignore the age, just don't do anything seductive. I smiled a bit. "Cool. So how you liking the school so far?"

"It's..... loud."

"Yes I've noticed haha." After a few more awkward moments, I smiled again.

"Listen I'm really sorry, but I just got a new book, and I need to test some things."

"Oh okay, good to meet you.... um."

"Soadon, you?"


"Nice name, I'll see you round." I got up and left, I felt kind of bad but this was a bad luck conversation. I got out to the field and took out the book. Let's have a bit more fun.

The End

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