Roxie: Hypocrite.

A light pitter patter of rain falls down around me, a singular drop falls on my nose. I giggle to myself wiping it away.

Roxie, time to go inside. The headteacher's voice warns me. I groan, getting up. The water dries instantaniously on my clothes, leaving me nice and warm as I walk back in.

"Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap." Morgrid curses, no one else notices him - Must be wearing a glammor. "Come with me," he yanks me in to the libary, our haven.

"What?" I ask, rubbing the arm which he grabed.

"We're - I'm in trouble!"

"Why? What have you done now... Oh Gods, you haven't tried to congure Lucifer again have you?"

"No," he sighs shortly. "Bigger troubles-"

"Bigger than Luci?" I ask sceptical, Lucifer and I are on nickname baised now, after the last time Morgrid decided to be 'smart'.

"Yes, Kyle Marks."

I laugh. Quiet loudly, "Kyle Marks?!" Tears roll down the side of my face.

"Yeah, glad to see you're finding this amusing."

I collaspe to the floor, "I... can't... believe... you're scared... of Marks!!!" My lungs begin to hurt.

"At least I'm not scared of everyone else," he mutters defensivly, making me laugh harder.

"I'm not afraid of them, I avoid them out of everyones' best interest..."

"Why's that?"

"Because I'm a nice person."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."


I grin, oh how I love to win.

"I know," he mutters again. I sigh standing up. The thought of people being scared of Mr. Marks has always made me laugh, he is so egotistic and there's the fact he kills what he doesn't even know about. He goes around saying that he doesn't know what he is, yet he kills... He could be killing his relatives for all he knows.

"Rox. ROXIE!"

"Huh... What?" I ask, feeling like an idiot.

Morgrid sighs, "Are you going to class? I'll only brave it if you do."

I smirk, "Alright then, let's go and see the great hypocrite, himself."

The End

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