Ruby: Umm...

'Thanks.'  I wasn't quite sure what to say, I didn't normally play in front of people or I would have played for Simon and Isabelle ages ago.  There was an akward silence as I held my guitar.

'How long have you been playing?'  Tyler came and sat on the edge of a desk.

'For about ten years.'  His eyes widened.  'It's not as long as you think.  I don't grow old like a human so ten years is nothing.'

'No it's not that, you've done more with your time than I have.'  He smiled at me.

'Not really, I only play when no-one is watching.'  I hid behind my hair and blushed at the thought of him watching me.

'What's your name?'  He leaned in close to my face forcing me to look up.

'Ruby.  You're Tyler I know.'  He looked please that I already knew who he was.

'So Ruby, what else can you play?'

The End

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