Tyler: Sucker for a Good Singer

    So, i was walking in the halls, looking for a way to pass the time, i hated lunch hour, i dont eat whats the point? Well, when i started walking past the music rooms i heard someone singing  and playing the guitar. And Let me tell you, ive been alive for hundreds of years and i've never heard playing as beautiful as this. So i walked down to Music Room F-2, which normally was used as a Meeting room for the Werewolf Coven.

       I walked in the door slowly, in there was the hot fairy girl i invited to my party earlier playing the guitar like a god. Her voice ringing out like beautiful bells. I sat down on a desk quietly and listened to her song. As she played the last chord i Started clapping. She must not of heard me come in as she turned around ready for a fight.

"That was Amazing" I said with a smile

"What are you doing here!" said the girl blushing madly.

"Well, lunch time is quite boring for one who surives on blood, so i was wandering around and i heard you playing...your amazing" I said grinning at her

"T..T..Thanks" she said nervously

The End

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