Scarlett: And here he comes again

" The self Proclaimed Demon Hunter Kyle Marks, has Returned!"

His voice was louder than the shattering noise he had made when he landed. Great. That's all I needed. Kyle Marks, the big, 'I'm the only one in the universe' guy who got banned last year. And I thought I'd got away with it for now. But there was no way he was going to forget I still owed him a debt.

If it was money, I could cope.

If it was the death of some mortal or demon...I could do it.

But what he was asking was way beyond what I was going to do. No frickin' way! This was turning out to be a year full of competition and fights.

So, it looked like my new powers might be brought to everyones attention sooner than I thought.

The End

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