Kyle Marks: Self Proclaimed demon hunter

At mock 25 I hurtle out of the sky head first into the city of Toronto with a grin as Wide as my face. Behind me is one pissed off fat dragon. I don't bother trying to slow my self down. The city is rapidly approaching I flip over to land feet first.


I collide with the concrete road making about 5 kilometer trench throwing cars , dust and smoke into the air.  I do not suffer a scratch  no physical attacks could ever hurt me , Maybe highly focussed magic , just maybe. I get back onto my feet and stand ready for an incoming giant red muzzle of the dragon. Out of the smoke the dragon speeds towards me then suddenly comes to a halt. My foot is place ontop of the massice mythical creature. It skull crushed, I put my hands together then place them on the beast. The beast disentergrates not even leaving a grain of biological matter.  People among broken glass and other such rubble stare in awe and in fear.

" New technolohy involving...errr.... Hard light holograms. Got out of control." Lamest excuse ever and they would never buy it.

Then agian people believe in project blue beam ,  UFO's , and Religion. So my B.S may infact work.  I began to run as the sirens of the police began to get closer. My long black trench coat seemed to be chasing after me as I tore down the street.  After I felt it was safe to stop I grabbed the subway to the outter limits of the city.  People around me noticed a few differences about me. One my almost glowing complexion,  A few unnatural looking scars  on my arm, and of course my neck long lusterous silver hair.

" What is he?"  A group of young children whispered among themselves. 

I didn't even know the answere to that like I have met vampires , werewolves , witches.  I'm  too different to label my self as one of them. Plus my oversized ego made people hate me. It also hard not to have an ego when falling from the stratosphere at mock 25 and landing Unscathed is not out of the ordinary.  The subway reaches the out limits of the city.  I bring myself up and hurredly get out of the subway.

Outside of the subway I stared into the sky, Its been a while since I seen a pink sunset it made me feel pretty nolstagic about supernatural High.  Its been a year I think I would be allowed back.  One moment I was standing there the next I was Hurtling through the sky agian.   In the morning I see the grounds of the highschool.

" Time to make an Entrance!"  I stop in midair and allow my self to enter a high speed tumble then crash into the ground shaking the earth and probably wakin everyone there.

" The self Proclaimed Demon Hunter Kyle Marks, has Returned!" My voice booms

No one was going to like my return. I think

The End

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