Scelestic: surprises

As a big ring of fire suddenly appears in the middle of the corridor, 
everyone stops and stares in awe at the one who made it. A tall, skinny and what would seem girl, with long jet black hair and the most piercing firey red eyes you have ever seen, was standing in the corridor, standing admist the flames of fire and letting the crowd take her in without a doubt of self-consciousness.

Once finished she then walks with an air of high authorty, but a strut of a supermodel,  down the corridor,  ignoring the odd wolf-whistle and teacher calling for her to slow down or to ask her why she is late, but she burns their books and flitters away laughing. Every time someone comes towards her she glares at them, and laughs evily when they cower. Here and there an odd book flutters from her passing by and even random peices of litter burn up  in flames.

So it's not surprising that people eiher walk in the other 
direction or just watch mesmerisingly. Unfortunately for some the 
majority of the ones watching are boys. Who to some she winks at and 
even smiles her infamous wicked smile. But she is unaware of the senario that is just around the corner...

The End

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