Scarlett: Lunch!!!

The bell rings, and it's time for lunch. Finally! Quick as a cat I flit down the corridor, barely noticing as others stared. The doors to the lunch room opened in front of me, and I headed straight for the servers. Slipping them a bill I waited until no one was looking before I ducked through the door in to the kitchen. To the left the only cook that was left in the kitchen during lunch turned to face me.

 His face was friendly, and he was one of the only humans in the school. Last year I'd managed to find this out, and since then I'd been controlling him to let me drink from him whenever I felt like it. Using my eyes I advanced, and his eyes rolled back in to his head as he succumed. Darting in I licked his neck first, then plunged my sharp teeth in to his skin. After taking my fill I licked his wound, sealing it so no trace of the attack remaind. Then while he was still delirious, I slipped out again. I barley noticed the annual beginning of school food fight, but slipped through the hall towards the room at the side where the eldest and coolest of us sat. Slipping in to my seat I welcomed everyone.

The guy next to me was new, and very hot. "Scarlett" I said as a way of introduction.

"Soadon" he said in return.

The End

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