Roxy: Shell fish.

Lunch. The worse period on the timetable. You have to dodge, duck and dive out of the way of on coming people, weave in crowds, que unbelievably long ques which, to be honest, takes the George Micheal. Oh, and for me, there's the added concept of trying not to copy other peoples' powers. Yippee.

Morgrid always stays in the libary, it's very rare he comes out. He may make a huge kafluffle about missing lessons, but he skives anyway. He's one of those weird wizards, that prefer solitude. Not that I can talk, I hate being around people.

I possitivly detest it.

"DUCK!" I look up, my eyes widen, my instics pull my down, my knees bang the floor, my hands fly over my head covering the top of my spine - or as others call it, the neck.

A tray of food and cultery a like, collide on the wall behind me. I hold my breath, slowly turning around. Oh my Gods.

Something pink catches the corner of my eye. I flatten myself against the floor, my legs turning backwards, just as pink prawns fly over my head. I hate shell fish. I push myself up, grab my bag and walk out of the room.

My fingers turn inwards to my palms. HOW DARE THEY! Who the hell do they think they are?! I scream in my head, a telepath walking by ducks to the ground as if I punched him around the face.

I speed up, running outside. I sprint to the end of the school grounds and let out the biggest scream I can muster - which is quite loud if you wanted to know. I collapse backwards onto a chair, simmering down.

The End

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