Luna: Oh, interested Boy

Lunch came round and I decided to eat today.

"Snacks?" Jason asks.

"Corse.... I don't have t eat but I choose to sometimes" I say shrugging.

"Really? How come?" he asks.

"I'm an Immortal Elemental witch..... I am partially dead" I say smiling at him.

"A bit like a vamp?" he says.

"Yeah, but without having to drink blood" I say shrugging.

"Never heard of a Immortal whatever, they rare?"

"One only born every hundred thousand years..... The last one lives in...... Portugal I think" I say remembering my summer spent with them.

"Cool" his voice trails off and I follow his line of sight over my shoulder to a nervous, redhead.

"Oh, interested boy" I say smiling at him smugly.

"Um...... no I just saw her earlier she dropped her books" He mumbles still looking over at her.

"Mm-Hm" I say totally not believing it. "If you want to talk to her just go over there"

He looks at me then shrugs.

"Might as well..... Wait, if your immortal how many wars have you fourght" he teases.

"I may be immortal but I haven't lived that long" I tell him.

"How long?" he asks.

"You shouldn't ask a ladies age but 24 years, now go"

He shrugs again then quickly moves past me and dodges through the crowd to the girls table.

"Boys" I mumble shaking my head.

The End

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