Ruby: I'm so hungry

Lunch came round faster than I thought it would.  I was smiling to myself all morning, my extended life was finally looking up.  I saw George sitting in his usual spot in the lunch hall and smiled at him.

Belle and I sat together as usual.  We were halfway through eating when a pair of hands covered my eyes.

'Guess who!'

'Hey Simon.'  The hands came off my face and my other best friend sat next to me.

'How do you always know?'  He pretended to look hurt.

'Because you are the only person childish enough to do that.'  I gently nudged him as I continued eating.

'Wow, food!  I'm so hungry!'  He reached for a bread roll on the edge of my plate but my sharp reactions got there first.

'Mine!  And besides you don't eat proper food.'

'I do so eat proper food, I just prefer blood.'  He smiled showing his pointed teeth.

'Yeah alright stop showing off.'  Belle kicked him under the table.

'Hey that hurt!'

The End

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