"Shakespeare was known for commanding the inflections, such as eth and est," been there, I thought, "but inflections were also well known in olden English, Anglo-Saxons with extra es to help people understand sentences since there was no proper way to structure them," been there too, "these days due to our subject, verb, object sentence structure, we do not have the need for inflection," the teacher explained.

I almost fell asleep at the end of English until the bell tolled.

I'm a vampire, a fifteen hundred year old vampire. I had been in countless wars, drained the blood of inumerable people, committed acts of such horror even I felt pity for my victims. I had misleaded many leaders to carrry out such acts for me and converted many humans into vampires.

I was one of the original vampires, an ancient. Like Dracula, I could manipulate weather, change my form into animals and mist, I could mesmerise people and command animals... and I was so tired.

Every few decades I woke up from a slumber. I'd leave it a generation or two before I resurfaced so as to avoid familiar faces. Every year I became more and more suicidal and now I was simply living the life of an 18 year old. Sure my blood lust was as strong as ever and no matter where I went, there was a trail of deceased behind me. But now I was going to calm down a little and just live!

I had many names, all some variation of deviant and mischief maker, but I prefered the name Loki, I suppose you could say I was the earthly manifestation of the old Norse God. But here I was, at the back of class, drawing no attention, blocking my mind with ease and listening to these stupid teachers. This wasn't how I expected my life to turn out but hey, I guess that's just what happens. My stamina now dwindles on a knife edge, I could really do with a new reason for living.

The End

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