Roxy: Oh my Gods.

Great, thank so much, Mr. Hernys. Just what I needed on my first day. Exclusion from all my bloody lessons!

"No need to be like that," Morgrid says flicking through an old spell book. "I have to miss my lessons as well today, all to help you."

"All to help you." I imitate his voice quietly.

We're in the old libary, forbbidan for most students unless they have a teacher with them, or in our case, permission. This libary has thousands upon thousands of books, most leather bounded or cardboarded. The worst thing about this room is your thoughts are spoken allowed, as if you wanted them to be heard.

Other students can't actually get here, because, yeah you need a teacher but only Morgrid and I know where it is. It's kinda weird really.

"Oi, Rox!" I look up, Morgrid holds out his hand as he enchants a spell.

I wait. He waits. We wait.

Nothing happens.

"Well that was fun." I mutter.

"I guess it's true, you have copied Mr. Herny's powers."

"Oh... Awkward."


"What can he do, again?"

"Body shield, can block anyone from reading them."

"At least it would become useful."

"Yeah, 'cept now... Now you can astro project."

"What." Statement not question, "How do I control that?"

"I have no idea."

"Super." I fall to the floor, pouting. I glance up to see him turning away, sholders shaking. Yeah, s'alright with you, you wont appere here there and everywhere.

Thank God, he replies.

I groan, rolling my head back. I hear a gasp... Several gasps actually. I look up and see a class full of people. Cringe!

"Miss Francis, how did you do that?" The teacher asks walking around, I feel my face turn scarlett, Oh my Gods! Why does this keep happening to me? I moan in my head.

I bite my lip look down to make sure this isn't one of those horrid nightmares, where you're at the front of your class naked. Thankfully, today was not the day.

"I don't know Sir, I'll just be on m way." I stand up, towering above his 4'3 body. Oh this is just fantastic.

"Nice legs, why don't you walk them over here?!" Some guy yells. Ignore them. Head down...

I back out of the classroom quickly, well... I ran out of the classroom, slamming the door shut behind me. Oh my Gods! I hear the door handle open as I return to my body, to find a scared Morgrid shaking me in an attempt to wake me.

"You're... Going... To... Sha-a-ak... My head of at this... Raate!" I mutter.

"YOU'RE BACK!" He pulls me into a hug. Ow.

The End

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