I didn't now what to do, first day of school and I was late.

I ran down the hall and stopped outside the door to straighten up my uniform. Then I knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in" called the teacher. I pushed back my fringe slightly as I walked in.

"I'm so sorry I'm late" I say. I know my eyes are looking totally innocen and while some would think I'm acting I'm really not.

"Just find a seat" the teacher says turning back to the board to write up some notes.

I take a seat next to a vampire which unfortunately is the only free seat.

"Hiya, I'm Jason" he says offering his hand to shake. Warning: Trouble Maker. I could tell from the way he had chosen his seat and how he acted.

"Luna" I say turning away focuising my gray eyes on the board. I rest forward on my thin arms trying to concentrate but its hard to ignore the fact that Jason's teasing the two fairies in front.

"Knock it off" I hiss turning to glare at him. He shrugs. I click my finger and he yelps jumping of his chair.

"Jason, is there a problem?" The teacher asks sternly.

"Yeah, she just burnt me" Jason says indicating the small scorch mark on his back.

"Oh well, sorry for your shirt but please be quiet" The teacher turns back to the board.

"You're letting her get away with that" Jason mutter slumping down. He glares at me and I smile smugly.

"Hm, must be a teachers pet then ain't you" he says.

"Shut up" I mutter turning back to the board.

"Teachers p- Ouch" He grips his hand tight then opens it to look at the burn on his palm.

"Sir, she shouldn't be allowed to do this" Jason protests.

The teacher walks up and talks sternly.

"Look Jason, I would try and do something but there would be no point she would just backfire it" Then he returns to the board.

"What did you do to get respect like that from teachers?"  Jason says shaking his head in disbelief.

"Born on the right day" I say. "Oh, and I don't like fighting so how about being friends"

I offer my hand to shake and he takes it. "Friends then..... but let me warn you I am very annoying"

"Give it your best shot" I say smiling.

The End

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