Soadon: Reading

"This book is wicked! It's both a book of spells, AND a story of how someone set a curse upon his school! Awesome!" That was my immediate thought, and it's still going strong in my mind.I then decided to find out if any of these spells actually worked. I set the book down. I needed a good test spell, so " sparkler" might be a good one. I held up my hands and recited the hard to pronounce words.

"Everando pyrondi!" And just like that sparks flew out of my hands. I was amazed, but skeptic on how real they were. So without thinking I pointed them at a passing student.

"Ow! Cool it with the small balls of fire dude!" That certainly answered my question. I looked down at the book on how to shut them off. "Clap". That seemed too easy but I did it, it worked.

It then came across my mind that I could use this book to do pretty much anything. I have weather, now I had spells. This was awesome! I could take over the school, the country, maybe the world!I knew I had to go practice more, but something caught my eye. And before I knew it I was distracted by the pretty brunette in the sunglasses. Stupid libido...

The End

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