Amara: Freshman

So, I'm a gorgon.  Most people hear that and think about a wretched woman with snakes for hair, but this isn't true at all-- well, not of most gorgons, anyway.  Medusa was cursed into that appearance.  Oh, and I'm a descendent of hers.

Centuries later, I, Amara, attended my first year of high school.  Sunglasses firmly in place to prevent a sudden upcropping of statues, I walked down the hall of SuperNatural High.  My first class, ironically enough, was Greek History.  As I made my way to class, my curly brown hair twitched to take in my surroundings.  The moving hair was one thing they got right.

There were all sorts of species here, from vampires to werewolves to faeries.  I didn't sense many other Greek creatures, but I suppose most of them would have stayed in Greece.  Always a comfort to be an oddball in a school full of misfits and outcasts.

The End

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