Jason: Intrigued

"Scarlett," replied the Vampire through clenched teeth. Hmm, odd name. I thought.

"Hi Scarlet," I said, sitting back in my seat, resting my crossed legs on her chair and putting my hands behind my head. Then, the bell rang. Damn, no more havoc reaking in this class, poo. I got up, grabbed my books which I wouldn't be needing this year anyways, and made my way out of the class. I slipped through the door just as a male vamp blocked the path of two fairies. I was going to bash the door into his head, but the fairies looked like they could handle it. Instead, I made my way to the library.

I walked out of the class and to my locker, which was on the other side of the school. I had a hunch, and pulled my map/schedule out from between two of my books. Yupp, all my classes were in the north, south and east wings, and my locker was in the west wing. Good planning school! My next class was . . . poitions? Really? Talk about stereotypical.  I grabbed my books from my locker anyways and started making my way to Potions when I bumped into a girl in ver nice clothing, although she was hiding behind her hair. It was bright red. She dropped one of her books and I saw her pale hand reach out to grab it. She seemed kind of frail, but she looked hot. Not the usual type I go for, but still not bad.

"Hi! I'm Jason," I said. She looked up slightly, but didn't say anything, she just continued walking and didn't stop. I have to say, she intrigued me. I was going to make it my job to see her again.

The End

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