Soadon: Library

I did about ten laps before I realized something. The bell rang a while ago. Oops.

I booked it into the school and ran down the hallway to my locker. I would've grabbed my books, but I forgot my class. Then I saw everyone come out of rooms, class was over. Oops.

I was on my way back outside when I saw some dude get rejected. I broke into a smile and turned into the other direction so I didn't look like a dork.

I was in a hallway I never saw before. I look at one of the doors. "LIBRARY". That would explain why I've never been here. I go in to check it out, and I must admit I was impressed.

I wasn't exactly the reading type, but these books actually looked cool. All of them with sweet titles and really colorful covers. I walked over to a random section, took a random book, and went to the librarian.

"Hi, I'd like to take out this book." She take a look at it.

"Hm, you're into this stuff then? All right, here you are." What did she mean by that? I decided to look at the title of the book.

"The Great Curse". Oh cool a magic book, this might be cool.

The End

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