Tyler: Flirting 101

           English Class, a boring usless 75 minutes. What was the point of learning a language that half of us have been practicing for hundreds  of years. Whatever in that boring introduction class i spotted 4 very beautiful girls. Two Vampires, and Two Fairies. Now i made  a rule not to flirt with my own species. So i got out of my chair, straightened my Hoodie. And walked over to the two girls. They were about to leave  so i blocked the door.

  "Why Hello their beautiful ladies" I said with a grin on my face

   One of them looked flustured, then again i saw her talking to dog breath earlier so he probably had her wooed already.

 "Uhm..Hi" Said one of them, Isabelle i think the teacher said her name was

"So, im having a little get together on friday, you know to start the new year off" I said grinning

"And?" Said Isabelle

"Well im inviting you too, t be my honored guests, since your beauty outmatches any of the other girls this year" I said with a smile

" Get lost garlic breath" Said Isabelle with a grin

"Fine, obviously since YOUR not interested, how about you?" I said looking at Isabelles friend.

The End

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